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Limousine Etiquette 101

Limousines' have been around since 1928 in the United States of America. It’s easy to spot a limousine due to its extended stretch of a body compared to other regularly seen cars. A partition separates the driver and the passengers within the vehicle, so your privacy is almost always guaranteed. But the number of people a limo can carry depends on the size of the limo.

Here are 6 unspoken rules you should be well aware of in case you plan on being driven around by a chauffeur in the limousine you rented:

1.Reserve your ride in time

It's good practice to reserve your chauffeured limousine well in advance regardless of what the event maybe. The earlier you book, the more the chances that you'll receive the model you had been eyeing.

2.Be on time

It's crucial to strictly abide by the limousine ride's timings, be it for a pick-up or a drop-off. Ensure your driver doesn't have to wait too long as the limousine is likely to be parked in a short-term parking space.

3.Allow the chauffeur to operate the doors

Don't open or close the doors of the limousine yourself; it’s considered poor form. Instead, you must wait patiently for the driver to come around and do so for you as it’s a part of their job.


You must enter the limousine a certain way. Turn your back toward the door opening and settle your bottom on the nearest seat. Next, put your legs together and pivot them into the car. Do so in reverse while exiting the vehicle.

If you haven't paid for the limousine, it's best not to take hold of the VIP seats that face the main passenger area. These cars are designed to be cushioned seats, so you're highly likely to enjoy the ride even if you settle on the middle seats.

5.Taking safety seriously

Confirm with the limousine service if you can drink or smoke within the vehicle. If yes, refrain from passengers poking their heads out from the roof safety hatch or windows under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When speaking of alcohol, you're only entitled to diving into the bar to offer drinks to the other passengers if you're the one who has rented the limousine. If not, it's best to wait for the host or hostess's approval rather than diving in bar supplies yourself.

6.Tipping the chauffeur

Customarily, tipping the chauffer accounts for 20 percent of the total cost. You can either pay for it along with the rental fee or if you wish to offer the tip to the driver in person, do so discreetly while exiting the limousine at the final destination.

When you picture a limousine, you're highly likely to be thinking about a black one. At VIP Limo Seattle in Washington, we’re a limousine rental service that provides airport, cruise, and corporate transportation. We also offer limos with chauffeurs for weddings, red carpet events, school runs, and other special events. Make your reservation today.

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