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3 Measures to Take When Attending Urgent In-House Corporate Meetings During COVID-19

Just as we accustomed ourselves to the work-from-home life, the lockdown restrictions are being lifted. Soon, you’ll find yourself being called back to work for meetings, even if it’s on alternate days. With job insecurity being rampant, you probably have no choice but to make sure you’re at your most professional.

However, COVID-19 is still a reality, and we need to continue practicing safety measures to not contract or spread the virus.

In this case, you can take the following measures to stay safe when you have to attend corporate meetings.

Place emphasis on the following protocols for all employees

As the head of the organization or the person calling the meeting, it’s your responsibility to stress the importance of following the right protocols. Make sure the standard operating procedures are clear to everyone and that no one is ignoring or misusing them.

Make it easier for people to follow the rules and ensure that the office is clean, hygienic. and disinfected. Create an environment where employees can openly discuss issues and notify someone if they’re not feeling well—without being penalized. Avoid calling in people who are sick.

Wash your hands regularly and encourage the use of face masks

Place sanitizers everywhere so they’re easily accessible and encourage everyone to wash their hands with soap and water before and after the meeting. Make sure that everyone who arrives has a face mask and is wearing one throughout the meeting. Keep bins nearby for disposing of used tissues, etc.

Avoid public transportation

The best way to keep everyone safe is to make sure that you avoid taking public transport when heading to the meeting. If you traveled by air, then self-isolate as a precautionary method if you have time. Otherwise, avail a private limo service as airport transportation or a corporate limo service for inner-city travel. This will also be useful if more than one person has to attend the office together, as it’s spacious enough to accommodate everyone.

If you’re looking for corporate comfort, VIP Limo Seattle should be your number one choice. Not feeling safe about getting in the back of a taxi during the pandemic? Limit the risks by availing our super-comfortable and ultra-luxurious limo for corporate events such as meetings. We also offer airport transportation at affordable rates.

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