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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Limo To Take Your Kids To School

Kids starting school again, and you’re looking for a safe and reliable way to get them to school with as little public contact as possible? School buses may be a straight no because of the number of children who use them.

As the pandemic continues, we need to be as careful as possible to limit the chances of coming into contact with anyone who could be a carrier—mask or not. However, the only other way seems to be dropping off your kids to school yourself—but do you have enough time in the morning for that?

We may have a good solution; hire our school run limo service! Not as packed as a school bus, our limo service is a great way to ensure both safety and comfort. If you’re not convinced, here are three more advantages of hiring a school run limo.

You Can Trust The Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are some of the most trusted, courteous, and respectful people in the private car industry. We abide by all local laws, rules, regulations, and inspections to make sure that the children are safe and secure.

Our drivers hold a valid driver’s license, and we run extensive background checks before hiring them to maximize safety. Our drivers also go through an exhaustive vetting process prior to being confirmed by both the local authority and our internal hiring team.

Limousines Are More Safe and Secure

Our limos are a much safer and more secure option because they are built using the latest technology and offer the most advanced security features. Our luxury fleet of cars includes updated models of reputed vehicles by top brands, coming with high-power driver-assist features, security updates, and expert accident handling mechanisms.

Pair the technology with our experienced, well-vetted, and licensed drivers, and you get a highly secure system taking your child to and back from school right on time.

It’s An Experience They Will Remember Forever

School days are the best days to make memories, and we’ll admit it, going to school in a limo isn’t the kind of experience one can forget easily. Your child will make new friends from like-minded families, and who knows—they might turn into life-long friendships.

Check out our Seattle school run service and contact our team for more information. Apart from school runs, we also provide airport transportation services in Seattle.

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