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6 Reasons to Hire A Limo for Your Wedding In 2021

A limo is a classic car that’s easy to recognize due to its extended body and ability to accommodate 8-10 people despite being a luxury car.

Here are 6 reasons you should consider renting out a limousine accompanied by a chauffeur for your wedding day:

1.A grand entrance

There isn't one limousine that hasn't made head turns while it was sailing on the road, and who wouldn't enjoy that kind of attention on their wedding day? Book a limo service for a dramatized yet elegant entrance to your wedding.


You never know how big of a dress your bride could opt for, and it's a bad idea to cramp her up in a sedan. Allow her to enjoy her fairytale moment fully. A limo is spacious and can very well accommodate the long wedding skirt and the trail so she can relax while trying to calm her nerves on this special day.

3.Act as a gift

A luxurious limousine ride is a perfect gift for anyone on almost any occasion. Why not gift the brides or the groom's parents and other family members the pleasure of riding in one when making it to the venue? A limo can accommodate 12 people. So, you can even let your clan of bridesmaids or groom's men ride with you and pop a bottle of champagne on the way for a mini celebration.

4.A prop

Regardless of their scale size, all wedding events now include photography and videography as they capture the memories well and preserve them for generations to see. Now imagine a luxurious black limousine being parked behind you, acting as a backdrop or prop in all of your photos or videos. It's not every day that you get married to the love of your life, and it's not every day that you get to ride a limousine around town either, so make it count.

5.Ensures privacy

As joyful as the moment is, the experience in itself can sometimes be stressful as you've to manage a whole lot of things, from the dress, guests to the venue. A limousine is the only car that offers a partition between the drivers and the passenger's compartment. Of course, the windows are tinted so you can enjoy a moment of peace or have a conversation with your significant other in an intimate space.

6.Stress-free ride

A professional chauffeur often accompanies the limousine when hiring from a car rental service. In the presence of a driver, you can lay back and enjoy the ride more comfortably while the driver ensures you and the car's safety. This is a sure-fire way to stay stress-free on your big day!

At the VIP Limo Seattle, we have a range of all-black cars from luxury brands to give you the wedding experience you deserve. Additionally, our services include airport, cruise, and corporate transportation. Make your wedding day reservations today for an unforgettable experience in Washington.

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