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Attending Your First Red Carpet Event? Here’s How To Make Sure It Unfolds Like A Dream

Being invited to attend a red carpet event is among everyone’s wildest dreams. Without a doubt, more than half the people in the world have walking down that glamorous red carpet on a subconscious bucket list, so if you’re finally getting the chance to do just that, congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back!

Now, if it’s your first-ever red carpet, you’ll want to make sure that the entire event is perfect. From your skin, hair, and make-up, right down to the poses you strike for all the dazzling cameras—we’re sure you want everything to simply fall into place as if by magic.

Even though fairy godmother isn’t coming, and you’ll have to do most of the magic-spinning yourself, here are three tips that will help you streamline the process and make it as seamless as possible.

Feel Like A Star—Time To Start Taking Care Of Your Skin

Want to look your best in front of the cameras without wearing a ton of make-up? Let your inner goddess shine by taking extra care of your skin in the months leading up to the main event. Years of sun damage, stress, and not sticking to a proper skincare routine can make your skin look tired and dull.

Get your skin ready by indulging in professional facials and treatments. Meanwhile, make sure you’re wearing sunscreen the way it’s supposed to be worn and following proper morning and night skin regimens.

Make Sure Your Outfit Is Well-Fitted and Reflects Your Personality

You can wear a custom-made Chanel LBD or something you picked off of a Walmart rack; what really makes a difference is the way it fits you. A red carpet event is all about you—and everything that makes you who you are. Not only should your red carpet outfit fit you perfectly, but it should also reflect your personality. So if you feel like you’ve been lazing around a lot and want to get in shape before the carpet, make sure you start early so your outfit fits like a glove on the big day.

Walk The Talk—Out Of A Luxury Car

You know what people notice about you at a red carpet event even before they notice you? The car you step out of! Make sure you’re stepping out of a sleek and luxurious vehicle—and what vehicle says ‘VIP’ louder than a limo?

Don’t own one? You don’t have to!

Just place a booking with us. We offer red carpet transportation services in Seattle and feature a huge fleet of luxury limousines and other high-end car models.  Apart from red carpet transportation, we also offer cruise and wedding transportation services to our Seattle customers. Need more information? Contact our team for help and support.

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