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COVID Weddings: 3 Unique Ideas for Your Big Day

COVID-19 has truly come out of the blue and rained on everyone’s parade. People have had to put a hold on their plans, stop major life changes and halt events such as weddings.

Unfortunately, what is meant to be a special day for couples young and old, as well as their friends and families, has become a difficult task to pull off. With the travel bans, social distancing rules, shelter-in-place orders across the country, it seems impossible to arrange a wedding.

A lot of couples have postponed their big day till things start to look up, but many others have decided to brave the circumstances and embark on this exciting new chapter.

If you’re one of those couples impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, you don’t need to give up your dream wedding just yet. Instead, try these fun, interesting and romantic wedding day ideas:

1. An Intimate Limousine Ride Around Seattle

While on a regular day, you might have been able to book our wedding limousine services in Seattle for just the entrance and send off; at present, things are looking a little different.

If your wedding plans have changed because of the pandemic, you can get on board with us for a romantic drive through the city. Enjoy the night-time sky, peep through the moonroof, put the partition up, and enjoy the complete privacy offered by our VIP limos.

If your big day is coming up, call us to reserve the perfect car for your wedding day, and we'll make your dreams come true.

2. Socially Distanced Outdoor Game Day

Not keen on giving up the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones? Get together for an outdoor game day, where you can practice social distancing while having fun with your friends and family.

Play games as a couple—you can even get your bride and groom squads on board or have some fun with the in-laws. It’s a great time to bond safely and have fun.

3. Small, Private Ceremony With Your Social Bubble

Maybe you can’t have a massive blowout, but it’s still possible to have a small, intimate wedding with just your loved ones. Parks, gardens, backyards, beaches are all popular wedding venues that allow for social distancing and safety.

You can keep your closest friends and family members around for an intimate ceremony to protect their health and your own. Everyone else can join in virtually; after all, connections are of the heart!

We know it's stressful and nothing like the magical day you imagined for yourself and your partner, but the wedding is only a small part of your lives together. There's always light at the end of the tunnel, and we are more than ready to help.

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